September 19, 2009

Two Belleville, IL students charged with felonies; Intiails claims based on race are dropped

Good to see the charges of a "racially motivated" incident are gone. Our "post racial" America is still unwilling to look past physical birth traits. I doubt this will ever change.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch files this report.
BELLEVILLE -- Two Belleville West High School students were charged under the juvenile code today with felony counts of aggravated battery stemming from the violent beating of a 17-year-old student on a school bus earlier this week.

The incident grabbed national headlines and incited a heated debate about race when police said the incident, involving a white victim and black assailants, may have been racially motivated. They later recanted that claim.
You can read the comments at the SL P-D and see that we have a long way to go.


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